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Tui Brewery  Website (Tackle-a-Tui)

Tui Brewery Website (Tackle-a-Tui)

Tui Billboard + Promotional Material 2013

Tui Billboard + Promotional Material 2013

In April 2013, I was commissioned by Tui Brewery to take the photos for their upcoming Tackle-a-Tui marketing campaign featuring players from the Super Rugby franchise; Hurricanes and Crusaders

The campaign consisted of two photoshoots, one on the field at Westpac Stadium, the other using Studio 2 at FlashDog Studios.

The initial shoot at Westpac Stadium required me to direct the players into a series of positions illustrated in the brief against the Tackle-a-Tui vending machine. 

In this post, I will be writing about how we got the shoot done, a few personal comments and what I learned from it.

Behind the scenes images at Westpac Stadium, Wellington

Tackle-a-Tui Marketing Video

The second shoot was with Victor Vito and used with the help of James Hirata through his assistance with directing and lighting. 

The leadup to the studio shoot was relatively rushed as the campaign was just about to hit the press due to a change of player. The only direction that was given was "we’d need lighting and stance etc to sit comfortably alongside the other existing images, get something that looks natural". Due to the busy schedule of Victor Vito the photoshoot was relatively quick and to the point.


This photo clearly shows the lighting setup that we used to capture Victor Vito at FlashDog Studios.

The lighting setup is fairly simple:

  • 2x Bron Fototec gridded strip light 120x40

  • 1x Octobox

Camera Equipment:

  • Canon 7D
  • Canon 50mm f/1.8

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